I am putting SEO Enquirer on hold (possibly indefinitely)

Google the black knight

Why? Initially this site was just supposed to be me ranting about SEO with no one actually listening. I was reading a lot of SaltyDroid’s stuff  and felt there needed a similar lone voice in the wilderness, chronicling just how evil Google had become. and they are evil. Successful corporations are a conundrum. no matter what…

No Pagerank update for 2013 – Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts pagerank

Matt Cuts has just put out a video discussing “Pagerank”. In the video he touches on Pagerank updates and the lack there of. The particular question being asked is. “Our website is not improving in Google PageRank despite having regular updates and foolproof content authorized by proven editors. What could be the reason for this?…

Google Attacks Mugshot Sites With Penguin 2.1 But Still Allows Adsense Ads?

mugshot sites run adsense

Google, as part of it’s Penguin 2.1 update appears to have attempted to deal a blow to mugshot sites. Mugshot sites are websites that will scour the web for mugshots of and information about people, put it together and publish it, with good SEO applied. Then they wait for the “mugshotee” to be made aware…

Google Releases Penguin 2.1 Algorithm Update

Penguin 2.1 released

A week or so ago we had the release of a completely new beast from the Google stable and this week an old favourite re-visits us. Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land is calling it Penguin 5 for some reason but hey, what ever floats his boat. So does anyone really care any more what…

Google Webmaster Tools Data Is Back

John Muller

Last Monday we reported that Webmaster tools data was not being updated. John Mueller, arguably Google’s most accessible Googler, said that it was a bug and was going to be fixed. Well John wasn’t lying, not that I thought he would. We like John here at “SEO Enquirer”. The bug seems to have been ironed…

Google Authorship Launches Within Image Search And Google Got It Wrong

Google plus authorship

Pierre Far who is a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google UK has announced at the latest SMX conference that Google image search now attributes Authorship to some of the images. One thing that struck me straight away is that unlike many other Google products they do not try and exclude competitors. Many of the authorship…

Google Webmaster Tools Is Showing No Data After 23rd September 2013

Google Webmaster Tools Is Showing No Data After 23rd September 2013

There is a thread at Webmasterworld reporting that Webmaster Tools data has not been updated since the 23rd of this month. I checked and they are right and it would appear that it something that is happening to all WMT accounts. I have checked 3 separate personal accounts and 2 client accounts and all have…

YouTube Carousel in Google Search

Google search YouTube carousel

There has been a report at Webmasterworld of a new Carousel or Knowledge graph implementation around the word songs at If you want to see an example of this type in the following words – Miley Cyrus songs or you could try Imagine Dragons songs. Basically any music artist with the word “songs” after it…

Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update

Google hummingbird update

As part of Google’s 15 year birthday celebrations today Amit Singhal revealed that there was an update to the Google search algorithm about a month ago. They have named it “Hummingbird” because they believe this update is fast and precise. This update is directly tied to Google wanting to become a destination and not just…

G+ Now Powering YouTube Comments

G+ comments for YouTube

YouTube and Google have finally announced one of the worst kept secrets in the GoogleSphere. Google + will now be powering all commenting on YouTube. Why? Probably to get people using G+. G+ is a shocking place to hang out and quite frankly the great unwashed out there don’t want anything to do with it….