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Google Algorithm Update for June 2013


Well here are at the 5th of June, only 2 weeks since the Penguin 2.0 and it would appear that Google has unleashed a major update on us. Now it would seem to be shaping up to be bigger than Penguin 2.0 so it is not likely to be a data refresh. This is starting to look like a full blown update.

Is this the promised softening of the Panda algorithm? Matt Cutts said there could possibly be some good news for sites that were hit by Panda but were on the cusp. Well if it is the softening of Panda it is appears to be having more of an impact than penguin 2.0 did. is showing 95 degrees and Stormy.

Google Update June is showing a volatility spike.

Serps June Volatility

The flux has moved slightly but isn’t showing the same dramatic blip the other two Serp trackers are. Traditionally SerpMetrics is the most conservative of the big search engine trackers. If they show a spike in the next day or two then we are pretty well guaranteed that Google has launched a dramatic update to the index.

There is a WebmasterWorld thread dedicated to SERP changes in June which has had quitre a bit of chatter in the last few hours.


Update  6th of June 2013 :

Dr Pete from and tweeted that he had to revise the temperature down to about 81 degrees  for that spike we saw on the 4th of June. His explains his reasoning in the following tweet.



By the 5th everything seemed to return to normal. The volatility index followed Mozcast’s trend graph pretty closely and it was all over by the 5th also. the fact that these two serp trackers follow each other pretty closely is very interesting in itself. flux was slower to come on and didn’t spike as hard as the other two but seems to be still going as of the 5th. Another thing I have realised is that the Serpmetrics data does seem to lag somewhat from the other two Google tracking websites.

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  1. On one of the sites I had been working on, I saw major keyword rank swings that were incredible. In a matter of days position ranks dropped in some cases 60 spaces. I had been following best practices so I am at a real lost and had been slowly moving my client up the ladder.

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