Google penguin 4 or 2.0

Penguin 2.0 (4) a few weeks away says Matt Cutts


Wait Penguin 2.0? I hear you screaming but Danny Sullivan says we are up to Penguin 3?, Google penguin 4 or 2.0the next Penguin update should be 4?. Danny Sullivan has gone into a naming war with Matt Cutts. The official Google naming convention wil be 2.0 but Danny and probbaly the rest of the SEO community will stick to 4. A bit like what happened with Panda just before it went into no discuss mode. I can see why Danny wants to go down this route. It can get very confusing when Google admits to one iteration of an algorithm but then doesn’t the next. I guess this way the SEO community can keep track of all updates that are “felt” on the web.

Matt Cutts has been extremely active on Twitter in the last 24 hours. More to the point he is actually responding to peoples questions much more than he usually does. I guess he must have cleared his inbox.

Anyway there has been an unusual amount of chatter about a May Google index update. As I have reported already, Mozcast and the SerpMetrics flux has seen some significant movement. The webmaster chatter at WebmasterWorld and the Google Webmaster Forums has hit fever pitch.

Jamie Dodd blatantly asked Matt if there had been a Google Penguin roll out and Matt responded with

“nope, no new Penguin update this week”

Matt then went onto confirm that Penguin 2.0 the new generation of the Google Penguin update is weeks away.


So I read this as, NO Google Penguin algorithm update is scheduled for May 2013.

However, there has definitely been some sort of significant update in the last few days whether Matt and his team wish to acknowledge it or not. So what can we expect from this latest Google Penguin update?

Well Matt has already gone on the record as saying it is going to BIG! He even went on to say that publishers/webmasters are not going to like it. This seems a little callous to me. If webmasters are not going to like it, can we expect that that the big brands can expect another boost in the search index?

So what update did we just have? Even though Matt is being quiet on this front something did happen and it was quite significant. Did we just have Panda 26?

The Panda update is supposed to a rolling update, one that we should not notice. Yet if it is Panda 26 then I hate to state the obvious Matt but we noticed it!  OK if it wasn’t Panda, was it EMD? or “Page Layout Update (aka: Above The Fold?). Then again it could a completely new beast that Google is not even telling us about. Matt and Google have stated that they are striving for more transparency. While the evidence points to less and less transparency and this is just another case in point!